Arizona Auto Insurance and the law

When it comes to insurance many states operate using a no fault system. This means that policyholders are unable to take a case to court unless there are extreme circumstances involved. When considering Arizona auto insurance this is not the case. Arizona is in fact a fault insurance state. The law here differs from that of fault state in three core ways. The policyholder is entitled to make a claim with their insurance company. They are allowed to make a claim with the insurance company of the driver who was at fault. They are also eligible to bring a personal injury compensation claim against the at fault driver.

Arizona Auto Insurance Law

It is the law in the state of Arizona that every roadworthy vehicle be covered by auto insurance from somewhere like this, and every legal driver that has access to a vehicle should be covered by auto insurance. The state also imposes certain minimum requirements on policy holders and drivers are responsible for insuring that their chosen policy meets these minimums.

Bodily Injury Liability

When the policyholder has been involved in a car accident for which they are deemed to be at fault, then they will be held responsible for covering the financial needs of the victim. These needs will include medical bills and the costs of repairing any property damaged as a result of the accident. This is why bodily liability insurance is so important. This coverage will allow the driver at fault to cover the medical and property repair costs of the victim without being out of pocket themselves.

Minimum Coverage

The minimum bodily injury liability coverage demanded by the state of Arizona is $15,000 per person, or $30,000 per accident when there is more than one person injured. As well as, $10,000 for property damage. Many people will choose coverage higher than the minimum in order to ensure that they are adequately protected in the face of accidents.

Other Coverage

The minimum coverage required by the state of Arizona does not protect a policyholder if their own vehicle is damaged in an accident in which they were at fault. For this reason many drivers will choose to add collision coverage to their policy. This will ensure that they are able to receive the funds necessary to make repairs to their vehicle even if they were the driver at fault. The addition of this will increase the policy price but it can be lowered by increasing the excess.

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