New Jersey Homeowners Insurance: Your claims questions answered

If you have been the victim of an unfortunate incident that leaves you running to your New Jersey homeowners insurance provider then you may have some questions about what you can expect from the claims process. When an accident, injury or loss has occurred it is important to contact your New Jersey homeowners insurance company as soon as possible in order for the claim to be handled in the most efficient manner, however it is beneficial to be clued up on the process itself before you begin.

Who Handles My Claim?

Any claims are handled by claims adjusters. These employees will analyze your claim in order to determine whether the problem is covered as well as what exactly you can claim for and for how much.

Will Premium Rate Increase If A Claim Is Put In?

In most cases the standard premium rate will not increase if you make a claim for an accident or loss that is covered under your policy. However, when the time comes around to renew your policy there may be some changes made to the offered premium rate when the events of the previous year are reviewed.

Can I Bring In Contractor’s For Repairs?

Only in serious situations where your home is extremely damaged and the damage could cause harm to others or make the home insecure is it acceptable to call in outside contractors. Even in these situations only minimal repairs in order to ensure the safety of the home and prevent further damage are acceptable. Any contractor’s brought in should compile a detailed report of the causes of the problem and any work they have done to rectify the situation as well as itemized bills, both of which must be presented to your insurance provider.

Will I Receive Funds For Alternative Accommodation?

Insurance providers will have different rules regarding this, however there is a standard which is covered by the majority. If your home has been subjected to extensive damage to the point where it is not livable and danger to inhabitants you may be entitled to funds to cover alternative accommodation. However, for this to come into effect the damage would have to have been caused by a peril covered on your insurance policy. Unfortunately, if this is not the case you will not be entitled to claim back any expenses relating to alternative accommodation or repairs to the home.